Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hello, I've Designed Some New Stuff! :)

Hey Guys!  I've added some new designs to my collection and they've been selling really well.  I like the fuzzy yarns I've been wrapping some of my headbands in, I think it's a awesome look for fall and winter.  I did the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market a couple of days ago.  It was hot, but a lot of fun. 

My new email is sophiaspinkcurlscouture@gmail.com you can email me if you have any questions or would like any of my designs.  I'm going to Long Beach this coming Sunday, the 21st.  Don't forget these headbands are all unique, I never make two of the same! They are fun to wear this upcoming season of shopping and parties and they make really good gifts for the holiday season!  I'm naming my new headbands after cities in Italy.  One of my newest goals is to learn Italian and go there this summer. Ciao for now - Sophia

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hey Check Out My Designs!

Hey guys - I'm Sophia and I just turned 12 last month.  I really like designing things and I've always liked art.  Everything I do kind of just pops into my head and it's all really unique.  I started this summer and I've already sold lots of my stuff at local sothern california shows.  My very first day of showing my work I completely sold out.  Once I saw how people loved my designs I kind of wanted to keep doing it - I did.  Here are some pics of my stuff I hope you guys like it. 

I like using old stuff as much as I like using new stuff.   I think it gives it a cool, quirky look - like the zipper flower with the pink trim.  Soon I'm going to sell my stuff online, but if you're interested please email me at my mom's email: whitehorserelics@gmail.com.  The prices for my headbands are between $4-$15.  My purses start at $8.  And I have other flower and hair accessories that start at $3.
Please check this blog often cause I'll post new stuff whenever I can, 7th grade is delaying my career!