Saturday, May 7, 2011

13 Fun Ways to Wear & Use a Flower Clip!

#1 The Hippie Headband
We clipped it on a plain thin black elastic headband

                               To help celebrate my upcoming Spring Show this Friday, May 13th,
                          I've come up with 13 Fun and Fabulous ways to wear one of my flower clips!
                       This flower clip, modeled by my sister Bella, is just like the ones I will be showing
                                                                everyone how to make on Friday. 
                               We had so much fun coming up with different ways to wear this clip!
                                          Which way is your favorite, or How would you wear it?
                                     Hope you enjoy and come make one for yourself on Friday!

#2 On a Purse Strap

#3 On a Hat

#4 On Your Favorite Furry Friend

#5 On a Twisted Hair Bun

#6 On a Sandal
#7 On a Necklace

#8 On a Headband
We put it on a plain thin black elastic band
# 9 On a Jacket or Shirt
It can be clipped in the button hole of a jacket or shirt or on the strap of a tank top

#10 Clip Part of Your Hair Back

#11 On a Tassel
 Great for decorating your Bedroom

#12 On a Cuff Bracelet

#13 On a Pair of Boots

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  1. Sophia, you are doing a wonderful job with your headbands and such. I love to check your blogspot from time to time to see what new designs you have created. Isn't it nice to have a sister that will model for you? Great Job to both of you! Good Luck too! Love, Aunt Les