Monday, August 1, 2011

Pink CC : Finally In a Store!!!!!

Here's my table at the Rustic Sparrow, which is a cute little store/boutique in Escondido, Califorina.  

These are some of the elastic headbands, they've been really popular.

Above and below are some hard headbands (which everyone thinks are pretty  awesome, too : )

The things I'm in love with right now, though, are COMBS!!!!! Apparently, I didn't get a picture of them, but they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! SO AWESOME!! Seriously, they look SOOOOOOOO  COOL in your hair! Not that I don't like everything else, but these combs are great. The new headbands are cool too though, and I'm thinking of starting to paint shoes. So just drop by the Rustic Sparrow in Escondido sometime, to see all the awesome new stuff I made!
             ( :  Peace out! <3  : )   


  1. Sophia, not only are you adorable, but you have a talent for fun things and ambition to follow your muse. Continued success sweetie.
    Pat Winter...crazy quilter

  2. Hi talented Sophia, I am so happy for you to be in a store so all can share your pretty works of art. Keep it up and I know you will certainly go far and tehn I can say I knew that sweetie when she was 12 years old. Good luck and I am so impressed. Hugs

    Artist in whatever media strikes me at the moment.

  3. Sophia, what lovely items you make! So bright and cheerful and I can see that you have an entrepreneurial spirit in you! Best wishes for success and continued inspiration!

    Pam Kellogg
    Crazy Quilter